How SEO works

How SEO works

If you are hoping to have any real success online today as far as business is concerned, you’re going to need to learn how to really master search engine optimization (SEO).


The fastest way to build tremendous credibility in your marketplace and to reach (potentially) literally millions and millions of prospects every day, a tight search engine optimization strategy and implementation can transform your business – and your financial future – almost overnight.


To better help you understand how SEO works and why it is so important we put together this quick guide. Let’s dive right in!


It all starts with the search engines and a competitive marketing agency such as: or


Pretty much everything that we do online today (with very few exceptions) is only possible thanks to search engines like Google giving us the information – and the links – that we need to find whatever it is that we are looking for online.


Everyone, and we mean everyone, that uses the web today fires up their favorite search engine, punches in a specific request, and then looks at the top four or five results (and maybe even not that many) to find exactly what they are looking for.


This means that any one particular point in time there may be millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of people looking for something very specific through the major search engines today – and that’s a powerful flood of traffic that you want to get your business in front of.


Search engine optimization places you higher up in those relevant results


Google and the other major search engines are getting really good about finding you the most relevant information available for whatever your request may be online, but there are still ways to “game” the system so that you show up at the highest possible position in the search engine results for the specific string of keywords you are most interested in targeting.


Search engine optimization professional do 90% of the “heavy lifting” on a search engine optimization campaign in the research phase – really finding out what people are looking for and the phrases they are using to find those products or that information, and then they go about optimizing the campaigns for those keyword strings.


On page search engine optimization involves making sure that when the search engine “spiders” visit your site they rank it higher for the information and the keywords you are interested in, whereas off page search engine optimization works to provide your site with a higher “vote of confidence” for those same search engine spiders.


The actual fleshing out of search engine optimization and the approach necessary to push your search engine rankings higher is a little bit more involved than, but this is a solid overview to give you a better idea of what you need to get into to master SEO.

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