How social media helps SEO  

How social media helps SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t quite as simple or as straightforward to master today as it used to be in the past.

Traditional link building methodologies, on page optimization approaches, and flat out purchasing higher page rank value sites to boost your “money site” just aren’t cutting the mustard any longer.

No, to succeed today with search engine optimization you need to be making the most of social media – and that means better understanding how these two core technologies impact your business and bottom line today.

Google pulls fresh content from Twitter and other social media sites

Google, in its quest to always provide a search engine user with the most relevant information at any one particular point in time, has been very active about building technology that pulls new information from all major social networking platforms – and that’s why you have to make the most of social media to boost your search engine rankings.

By leveraging search engine optimization on your social media posts and content you’re much more likely to find yourself at the top of the most relevant and recent Google results. It’s a great way to kind of organically “game” the system and its powerfully effective.


Social sharing is the new back link methodology


Back linking use to be the bread and butter of professional SEO operators, and there are plenty of folks in the online marketing world that have spent hours and hours hunting down back links and building up thousands of link profiles to artificially influence their Google results.


Unfortunately, search engines like Google have really cut back on the back linking as a viable search engine optimization method. Back links are still important but a lot less important today than they used to be in the past, whereas social sharing – likes, retweets, etc. – have become much more important in the grand scheme of things.


The more activity you get on your social content the more likely it is to boost your rankings organically.


You get a lot more influence through social media


Because of the very nature of social media you are going to be able to flood your business with a tremendous amount of influence and persuasive capabilities in a way that you wouldn’t have been able to do quite as well with standard search engine optimization.


When people visit your social media profiles they are going to get a real feel for who you are, what you are all about, as well as how other people feel about you – mostly through the amount of followers you have, the amount of activity you have on your profile, and the quality of that activity.


Master search engine optimization in conjunction with social media in the sky really is the limit when it comes to your success in business.


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